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How to get flawless skin

Beautiful, shining and spotless skin is indeed a blessing considering all the crazy treatments and costly therapies that are employed by women today to hide acne marks, spots and pigmentations.

Most importantly, acne that was traditionally considered a problem of adolescents only is now being reported quiet frequently in all age groups, both males and females.

According to an online survey, almost 42% women report problematic acne flares in stressful situations and in certain physiological alterations like pregnancy, post-partum and menstrual cycles.

Most pharmacologic therapies that are employed today are hazardous and associated with a number of side effects on long term use.

The cost of therapy is very high and the results of most therapies are discouraging.

With the use of intense chemicals and pharmacologic agents, the risk of skin allergies, sun-burns, dry & itchy skin and other dermatological conditions are very high.

Enhance your features with cosmetic beauty treatments

Why not make the most of your natural beauty with semi-permanent makeup treatments?

A whole range of options are available whether you’re looking for lip liner and shading, eyeliner or natural looking tattoo eyebrows.

Want to know more? Read these top tips.

Organic remedies

In the light of above recommendations, a lot of women look for natural and organic remedies to improve the cosmetic appearance of their skin along with acne treatment.

Sulphur is a naturally occurring mineral that occurs abundantly in nature and has been one of the most popular acne remedy for years.

Sulphur can be absorbed from skin and has good bioavailability by topical application.

This is how it works:

  1. It helps in maintaining normal oil secretion from the sebaceous skin glands and this help in preventing clogging of sweat glands and skin pores that may culminate in acne lesions.
  2. Sulphur primarily acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. When applied to skin, it helps to limit the redness or soreness of skin associated with the active acne lesion.
  3. Sulphur increases the skin remodeling process that helps in elimination of denuded and dead skin cells and due to active regeneration of skin, the pace of development of black and white heads also decreases. This exfoliative property makes it an ideal cosmetic agent too.
  4. Sulphur also works as anti-bacterial agent that decreases the over-growth of acne causing bacteria.
  5. Sulphur therapy is additionally helpful in individuals who have other dermatological conditions like scabies and allergies. Sulphur soaps and topics creams are the mainstay of treatment for scabies patients.
  6. Sulphur can be consumed via local or topical applications like lotions, creams, ointments, soaps, gels and body-wash.

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