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Optimum Nutrition Complex: What is it?

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Over the past few years, drastic rise has been observed in the consumption of a variety of multivitamins, vitamin supplements, nootropic agents and meal replacements all over the world (with a much higher spike in western countries). You come across hundreds of new market products and supplement formulations that may boggle your mind as to what supplement is the best for your health and overall well- being.

The answer is simple- Keep yourself open to new nutritional formulations but make sure to do your primary research before choosing or rejecting a formulation.

What is Optimum Nutrition Complex?

Optimum Nutrition Complex is the new and improved formulation of multi- vitamins and minerals that is designed to enhance your physical, metabolic and emotional health. You must be wondering why Optimum Nutrition Complex and why not your current supplement?

Here’s why?

Does your nutritional supplement provide you optimal dose of 27 essential vitamins and minerals?

Is your supplement cost- effective and budget friendly?

Are you sure that your nutritional supplement is free from all artificial preservatives, inorganic coloring agents and other toxic chemicals?


If you answered NO to one or more of the questions above – you must read the text below to learn more about your potential NEW SUPPLEMENT

What makes Optimum Nutrition Complex?

Optimum Nutrition Complex is a product of hard work, deliberate and detailed research of the pharmacists that is designed to deliver a complete and compact form of nutrition to you. The healthy and wholesome combination of 27 essential micro- nutrients not only helps in improving your overall health but you will also experience high energy levels, optimal concentration capacity and improved reaction time.

What are the highlights of Optimum Nutrition Complex?

Individuals normally argue that why consume one supplement formulation if you can take different formulations; here’s why:

The best combination of vitamins and minerals:

The formulation contains the right blend and proportion of the micro-nutrients with important trace elements like Selenium that is reportedly becoming a fairly endemic mineral deficiency. All the nutritional elements are added in accordance with the recommendations of daily allowance. You can easily compare the nutrients you receive from Optimum Nutrition Complex with your RDA requirements (as listed on our label for your convenience). You can take this supplement as an adjuvant to a normal diet or a restricted diet (for medical, metabolic, fitness or cultural reasons).

You may be wondering why do you need so many nutrients in the supplemental form?

The answer is simple, supplemental form of certain nutrients affect the bioavailability, metabolism and absorption of some other nutrients. To learn more about the supplements that affect the bioavailability of other nutrients, follow the article Copper vs Zinc


Suitable for all:

Besides the right amount and combination of nutrients in the supplement, Optimum Nutrition Complex is superior to most market products because of extremely low or negligible risk of side effects or adverse events. Don’t you find it confusing or overwhelming to buy 4 different formulations for your elderly, female and young family members?

Optimum Nutrition Complex contains safe and effective dosage of all basic nutrients without interfering with your overall health and at the same time caters to all your family members.


Easy storage:

One of the most important elements that must be considered before buying a nutritional supplement is storage instructions. You can easily get cheap multi-vitamin formulations but the biggest disadvantage will be poor packaging that will allow factors like air, humidity, environmental temperature changes and moisture to affect the chemical structure of drug. In turn, not only the formulation composition gets altered but the risk of toxin formation also increases.

With sealed and compact packaging of Optimum Nutrition Complex, now you can get benefit from unaltered and original formulation regardless of the climatic zone you live in.


Easy to use capsules:

Certain formulations are available in pill/ tablet forms that are designed to allow slow release within the gut. However, despite the higher cost, Optimum Nutrition Complex is packaged in the capsule form. The advantages of capsular form over pills are:

Capsules protect the active drug molecule from the gastric acid in the stomach. The primary benefits of capsular formulation over pill form are easy absorption and prompt release of active molecules in small intestine (as opposed to pills that vary in bioavailability with your rate of digestion and overall metabolism.

The hard capsular cap offers resistance to water vapors, oxygen and other environmental agents to alter the ingredients of your formulation.

As opposed to gastric irritation, pill esophagitis and irritation in throat due to sticky nature of pills, Optimum Nutrition Complex capsules are associated with far lower risk of gut irritation and other complications.

Your supplemental pills are less efficient at carrying the fat soluble vitamins, leading to low bioavailability. With Optimum Nutrition Complex capsules, you will get the exact amount of fat soluble as well as water soluble vitamins as listed on the label.

Optimum Nutrition Complex capsules are easy to swallow due to odorless and taste-less nature.

To further enhance the transit of capsule cross the esophageal lining, we avoid using gelatin and similar coating agents that impede the transfer of the capsule.


That’s right – 27 nutrients in one capsule to replenish your nutritional deficiencies and to complement any type or pattern of diet you follow. Now you don’t have to pop different pills all day long and of course you don’t have to worry about drug interactions and adverse effects of consuming different supplements at a time. We provide you all 27 nutrients at a budget friendly cost. Make sure to think twice when you are buying your supplements to get what your body needs.


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